Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project: Be good.

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I have a new project going on in my head:
I want to do good things

I want to do a least one thing, for someone else, everyday, and I`ll write about it here. And.. I want other people to do the same: DO GOOD THINGS, and write about it afterwards. It doesn`t have to be a big thing.


  1. Doing good is sort of boring. I'm good if people are good to me.

  2. well I don't think I've met her yet, but I know exactly what she looks and sounds like. when I see her, I will know... or maybe she doesn't exist and is just an illusion culminating from past girlfriends, but I like to think she's real. dreams can come true.

    have a GOOOOD day!

  3. Great idea. Hard to get through with it. I'll do something good for someone in case I fail.
    Also: I now put you in the folder "good persons" - which supposedly is a good thing!

  4. Doing good things is good!

    But I really can't stand if you do them good,they'll just take advantage of you or they'll just response rudely.

    But you're right,do good. And hopefully other people will too do the same to you too :)

    Nice blog by the way!

  5. good things. like amelie.

    jeg elsker mennesker som lever for å gjøre andres liv bedre. slik burde alle være.