Monday, November 9, 2009

Family buisiness

Photo: MagicMorgan

I should probably consider starting over new: waking up before school starts, do my homework, be nice, say thank you to my family for giving me money, clothes, food, everything I need, but, at the same time I feel that I should be thankful, it feels so wrong:
Why can`t I dress and say what I mean?
Why do I have to act just like my family?
Why won`t they let me take and face my choice?
Why do I have to go to school when it feels so wrong?

I know I seem like a stupid teenagegirl, but i`m so tired of following my fathers footsteps. It`s not me, I have to make my own choice.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah it is you who should make your own choice. Your you right but unfortunately parents never let that happen they always want us to be like them or do what they want. Things will get better all I can say is either listen to them even if you hate it. Or just say it's enough and do what you want.