Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to get happy?

Okey, my new plans, for a happy and fun L.A-life.

1. Convince myself that i love L.A
2. Make my aunt think that i`m not partying when I go out
3. Do funny things when i`m grounded... (like flirting with out gardener, trying to find out if my aunt killed my xuncle, writing a book)
4. Buying all the designerbrands that I don`t get in Norway
5. Be one of the IT-girls in L.A

Anyone got some more tips? TELL ME! ;)


  1. Writing a book sounds like THE plan! Do it!

  2. Do everything but the other way around.
    OR if that's not tempting enough..
    -Date. Old. Fat. Skinny. Underage. Noisy.. you can always find interesting people.
    -Make Carmen Electra run for her attention. Do the same thing as she does but do it YOUR WAY.
    -Stalk the shit out of lil Wayne.
    -Get obsessive about Spencer Pratt's conspiracy against you.
    -Deal drugs.
    -Start religious secret society.
    -Collect weird stuff. Like socks from your datngvictims.

    ok. stop there. I'm spending way too much time with my Calais and I'm drunk.
    bon voyage with your happiness.