Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gossip girl

I remember sitting home in Norway, watching Gossip girl.. Now I feel like i`m a part of the show, and it`s not quite as funny as on tv. C doesn`t call, and I`ve seen pictures of him in different magazinea, with different girls, of course. The gardener doesn`t say much, but he knows that i`m watching him.


  1. Sv: ja, de er fantastiske, ikke sant? :D tusen takk! bloggen din forvirrer meg litt, men jeg liker den :)

  2. Lol wouldnt we all love to be apart of blairs schemes and in serenas closet

    thanks for the comment visit anytime

    Vi from Cali

  3. haha. keeping me here although you hate it? very masochistic of you dear.